The New Approach

to B2B Digital Marketing

The Company Buying Journey

The best way to meet your customers’ needs is to put yourself in their shoes. You need to develop the right content and connect with them as they walk through each phase of their journey. That’s what the Company Buying Journey is all about. Build strong relationships and improve your performance.

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You'll get insights from over 30 experts who are using this new approach to succeed in the real world, not academia or some thought leader blog. After all, you live in the real world and so do your customers.

Russ Glass
Mathew Sweezey
Liz Miller
Kevin Espinosa
Jeffrey Hayzlett
Melanie White
Mike Kawasaki
Rand Fishkin
Joe Pulizzi
Jon Miller
Rich Roberts
Sandra Zoratti
Seth Dotterer
Matt Preschern
Mike Grehan
Jim Sterne
Josh Dreller
Thad Kahlow
Chris Golec
Tom Berger
Ralf Vonsosen
Amanda Nelson
Nate Smith
Michael Brenner

Move from a data discussion to insight discussion. Then from an insight discussion to what type of actions can we take that drive real impact, business results.

- Matt Preschern
SVP and Enterprise CMO

Today more than ever you have to centralize your strategy and tactics round the customers instead of what you want them to know about the company or brands.

- Eduardo Conrado
Senior Vice President - Marketing and IT

What is B2Beacon

B2Beacon is a new (and free) educational resource that provides a New Approach and How-To Guides and Insights that will help you propel your organization to market victory. As a B2B Digital Marketer today, you’re either moving into the fast lane or you’re getting left in your competitor’s dust. Ramp up your performance or watch opportunities pass you by.

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How to use this new approach

Good news, when you’re ready to try the Company Buying Journey approach at your company, we’ve mapped out how to get there in a few key steps.

BtoB Marketing Strategies for Big Data Analytics

Get Data Right

Implement the right customer data management capabilities for your company.

BtoB Marketing Research on Customer Experience & Engagement

Know Your Customers

Leverage data to understand your customers’ needs and mindset. Develop personas and a segmentation strategy.

BtoB Interactive Marketing Guide to Business Strategy

Develop Strategic Plan

Develop your "Digital Connect Plan".

Business to Business Best Online Marketing Practices

Get Your House in Order

Be operationally able to execute - the right teams, processes, technology infrastructure, etc...

Business to Business Content Marketing Strategies

Develop the Right Content

Produce content that your customers need (and will enjoy).

Optimize Online B2B Marketing Strategies

Optimize Programs

Develop and execute integrated programs to connect your customers and your content.

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