About B2Beacon

B2Beacon is a collection of insights, data, tools and a new approach to help B2B Digital Marketers improve their performance.

B2B Digital Marketing Funnel

Over 30 leaders in B2B Digital Marketing have joined forces to provide you free, unbiased educational resources including:

    • A new approach called “The Company Buying Journey”


  • How-to guides that help you implement this approach at your company.

These resources are based on current digital marketing research and real-world experience.

Join the Movement

Let’s band together and use this new approach to elevate B2B Marketing. Click here to add your comments and insights.

Who’s producing this?


B2B agency BusinessOnline and publisher ClickZ have brought together over 30 leaders in B2B Digital Marketing to develop these resources based on research and hard-fought lessons learned through years of real-world experience. B2Beacon is a meeting of the minds. Learn more about our Advisors, Council and Editors on the left side of this page.

Why should I read it?

You’ll dramatically improve the performance of your Digital Marketing. This new approach and practical, how-to guides will help you forge stronger relationships with your customers by meeting their needs throughout each phase of their journey.

What is B2Beacon’s mission?

To replace the current flawed models and to fill the major gap in the current B2B education market. ClickZ and BusinessOnline are in the business of helping B2B Digital Marketers improve their performance. They heard from dozens of their customers over recent years that most B2B educational resources are:

    • single-channel focused (“Guide to B2B Social Media”),


    • are from the company perspective (“10 Tricks to Drive Conversions”) and


  • are based on an old B2C model (a funnel that ends at a sale).

B2Beacon highlights things that change per phase of the buying journey.

We also highlight recent major high-level developments that all marketers need to know.

The site does not try be a comprehensive practitioner’s guide to executing robust programs.

What’s the catch?

You’ll have to see ads on B2Beacon.com if ClickZ starts selling advertising for this site. And, you may also get an occasional email from BusinessOnline asking if you’d like help planning and executing your Digital Marketing programs.