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Al Maag

Principal Marketing & Communications Consultant / MaagComm+

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Al Maag Profile

After a unique career spanning four decades, Al retired in 2013 as chief communications officer for Avnet, Inc. a Fortune 500 company and one of the world’s largest technology distributors. He was a member of Avnet’s Executive Board and was elected a corporate officer in 1999.

Al enjoys organizing teams and connecting people together, having no fear to try something new, and above all enhancing the employee engagement, morale and culture of a group or company.

A graduate of the University of Illinois (Chicago Circle Campus), he holds a BA in Communications. Mr. Maag is the founder of the 16″ Softball Hall of Fame, based in Chicago, and in January 2004 was inducted into the Hall for his organizational efforts on its behalf. He is also an avid Chicago Cubs fan.