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Dan Staresinic

Vice President Communications, U.S. / Siemens

Dan's Insights

  • Most people aren’t paying enough attention to the depth of analysis of their personas, and in leveraging them as the integrated foundation for their entire marketing communication program.
  • The analogy of product requirements for R&D is personas for Marketing. Those marketing organizations willing to invest heavily and put hard work into identifying their buying centers and defining their buyer personas are the ones that win.
  • Anyone can create a basic, demographic-based persona – you know, the kind you build by creeping LinkedIn profiles – but very few are willing to invest the time and resources to build deeply insightful buyer personas. When you make an investment, you will know more about your buyer than your competitors do, maybe more than anyone does.
  • The next big area is demand type, and how everything changes depending on what demand type you’re dealing with. The way you use personas, the way you target, the way you communicate, how you decide when a lead is ready for sales.

Dan Staresinic Profile

Dan Staresinic is vice president of communications for Siemens Industry Sector in the US.  This unit of Siemens strives to enhance its customers’ manufacturing competitiveness with its automation technology, industrial software and technology-based services.

Dan’s early career was spent in manufacturing operations, supply chain management and new product launch roles with Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo and Motorola.  He eventually transitioned into consulting, marketing and sales with Commerce One, Deloitte, and UGS PLM Software (acquired by Siemens in 2007).

Dan’s role at Siemens is focused on helping one of the world’s great industrial products companies to also be a best-practice B2B marketing and sales organization.