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Kevin Espinosa

Social Media Manager / Caterpillar, Inc.

Kevin's Insights:

  • The goal of the customer relationship, especially from the social media perspective, is to build a relationship through listening, promotion, thought leadership (NOT advertising), and customer support. In doing all of these things, you build loyalty from your customers.
  • Everything we do is based off of the data we collect and analyze from each campaign, paying special attention to social listening, where it is happening, etc.
  • Create a customized, digital, journey that is going to take your customer to the point of sale before any interaction with an actual sales representative. The sales representative’s role is to finalize the journey.

Kevin Espinosa Profile

Kevin is a graduate of Bradley University and has held many positions at Caterpillar Inc such as Lab Engineer testing product components, Dealer Service Operations to improve their day to day operations, Project Leader in Software development, Dealer Account Manager for dealer business systems, 6 Sigma Black Belt, CRM Analyst developing contact center best practices and processes, and Web Service Manager responsible for cat.com, eBusiness Platform Manager responsible for developing the marketing platforms, and now Social Media Manager.

He has experience in Dealer Service Operations, Customer Relationship Management, Call Center Operations, Multi-channel Marketing, SEO/SEM, and Social Media. As mentioned, Kevin is currently the Social Media Manager responsible for developing a comprehensive strategy, organization, supporting platforms, and processes for Caterpillar.