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Lorna Breault-Snyder

Lorna Breault-Snyder

Director of the International Customer Engagement Centers / Schneider Electric

Lorna's Insights:

  • Customers should dictate the content you develop and publish, not the other way around. Connect with customers to get the data needed to refine the types of content delivered at all points of the buying journey.
  • Listen closely to what customers tell you are the types of content they want and respond accordingly. For Schneider Electric their education content proved to best serve and engage customers. Let engagement metrics demonstrate which content best serves each particular audience segment.
  • Providing a variety of content, draw customers in with bite-size content to get their attention and introduce yourself as a trusted resource for their more in-depth research and evaluation.

Lorna Breault-Snyder Profile

Lorna Breault-Snyder is the Director of the International Customer Engagement Centers at Schneider Electric. Lorna oversees Schneider Electric’s Energy University, a free, online education resource that offers users a number of informative vendor-neutral courses.

It has become a leading resource for organizations looking to improve their energy efficiency. Lorna worked with a team of Instructional Designers and Curriculum Developers to an industry leading content marketing initiative.