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Sandra Zoratti Business to Business Precision Marketing Specialist

Sandra Zoratti

CMO / Dispersive Technologies

Sandra’s Takeaway Video

Sandra's Insights

  • In order to have loyalty you need to engage your customers and to engage your customers you need to be relevant and develop relationships. You can develop relationships using online channels IF you have the insights to understand how to connect through those channels and how to be reverent with content.
  • Big opportunity today with unstructured data is to capture sentiment and do social listening to capture the voice of the customer around social media.
  • Listening is your compass or guidepost that tells you where to go and what your customer’s concerns.
  • Earn your way into the conversations and have an ongoing dialogue on customer’s terms that help figure out how to keep them engaged and deepen your relationships with them.

Sandra Zoratti Profile

Sandra Zoratti is an award-winning author, speaker and accomplished business leader. She was honored with the Colorado Business Marketing Association’s Marketer of the Year, 2012. Sandra is a sought after speaker, social media influencer, and business expert because of her real-world experience in successfully building, growing, launching and marketing new business opportunities around the world. Recently, Sandra built and launched the data-driven marketing practice called “Precision Marketing” from the ground up and has numerous proof points of its’ success around the world using insight-driven targeting, content and metrics as chronicled in her book on the topic. (Amazon: Precision Marketing: Maximizing Revenue Through Relevance.)

Sandra’s career includes experience at blue chip technology leaders such as IBM, Westinghouse, Ricoh and Avery as well as setting up her own marketing practice. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration. You can find Sandra on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and her website sandrazoratti.com.