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Lorna’s Insights:

  • Customers should dictate the content you develop and publish, not the other way around. Connect with customers to get the data needed to refine the types of content delivered at all points of the buying journey.
  • Listen closely to what customers tell you are the types of content they want and respond accordingly. For Schneider Electric their education content proved to best serve and engage customers. Let engagement metrics demonstrate which content best serves each particular audience segment.
  • Providing a variety of content, draw customers in with bite-size content to get their attention and introduce yourself as a trusted resource for their more in-depth research and evaluation.

Matt Senatore’s Insights:

  • In its most basic definition, ABM is a strategic approach that aligns resources against a set of defined, targeted accounts. Regardless of the goal or approach, the focus must be on bringing relevance based on specific insights within those targeted accounts.
  • There are different models for account-based marketing: large strategic accounts where a one-to-one approach is typically utilized; named accounts as well as industry/segment accounts where a one-to-few/one-to-many approach provides scale based on matching of similar challenges and opportunities and lastly customer lifecycle, which focuses exclusively on existing customer that receive differentiated outreach for ongoing usage and relationship nurturing.
  • While ABM can help produce significant benefits, you can’t just ‘flip the switch’ and begin doing ABM. Successful ABM requires: commitment to customer insights, readiness to engage different customers uniquely, willingness to take a different approach to content development, pledge to interlock sales and marketing and a willingness and ability to measure results different.