Company Buying Journey

What It Is

“Company Buying Journey” (CBJ) is a new approach for B2B Digital Marketing that is centered on the prospect or customer as they move through their buying journey.

We call it “Company Buying Journey” because in B2B, we typically sell to a company of people, not to one individual. In this way, the CBJ approach supports and aligns with Account-Based Marketing – focusing your Sales and Marketing efforts on a list of specific companies.

And in B2B, the customer relationship doesn’t end at the sale. So the Company Buying Journey is a continuous, looping journey through Explore, Evaluate, Purchase and Experience and back.


For each phase, you’ve got 3 main steps:

1. CUSTOMER: Understand the needs of your prospects and customers

2. CONTENT: Respond to these needs by creating the right content

3. CONNECT: Get your customers and content together

Naturally, your detailed strategy and priorities will vary based on your situation. But the essential approach applies.

Why Use It

By anticipating and meeting your customers’ need at every phase, you will build strong relationships and thereby improve your performance.