B2B Data & Database Marketing – Successfully Leveraging Data During The Evaluate Phase

Prospects are now beginning to engage with content on your web site but, the majority of visitors in the Evaluate phase will still be anonymous.


Establish measures around customer activity and intent (content and usability effectiveness) rather than broad trends like visits and bounce rate.

  • Accurately measure website engagement:
    • Segmented clickstream analysis can reveal hidden patterns of activity and help optimize user paths and content.  This click-level view of web site navigation and customer engagement is useful especially in high-consideration, long sales-cycle businesses.
      Conversion data is an effective metric for how well you are meeting your customers needs.
      BtoB Data Analytics & Marketing in B2B Evaluate Phase
    • Conversion data allows you to optimize the site capturing visitor profile information  (a key activity at this stage to ensure that you can provide more tailored content and communication).
      • Tag ‘soft’ conversions like pricing requests or saved configurations to understand intent and place in the Company Buying Journey.
  • Analyze the link between on-site engagement and off-site traffic source activity

    • Identify the successful traffic, ad variant and keyword sources, to accurately identify the right content and message and tailor it based on the messaging of the inbound traffic source.

    • A/B & multivariate testing, as well as website personalization systems, driven via web analytics, is a common approach to matching content to customer intent.

  • Tie web analytics and CRM data to a marketing automation system, to assure that the right content goes to your customer at the right time

  • Identify highly engaged customers via engagement scoring to complement web analytics

    • This is an advanced way to normalize web activity into an easy-to-understand gauge of content effectiveness, particularly when validated by historical data.  In these predictive systems, content and activity are assigned weighted scores, which can be accrued across visits, to identify highly engaged customers.


To create a more complete picture, focus on four core areas of B2B big data to measure:

  • Content effectiveness  (video views, asset, downloads, pages consumed, time on site, bounce rate)

  • Usability and navigation effectiveness via conversion paths and multivariate tests

  • Inbound traffic sources via campaign and channel

  • Nurturing effectiveness (email opens, sends, click throughs, etc)

Measuring analytics for a website will also help you more accurately gauge where prospects are in their journey. Read more

Rreverse IP lookup technologies can help you identify interested companies, enabling you to perform analysis across multiple individuals at the same company.


Expert Advisor:  Nate Smith

Product Marketing Manager at Adobe Systems / Adobe
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Nate Smith

Product Marketing Manager at Adobe Systems / Adobe

Nate Smith is Senior Product Marketing Manager for Adobe Analytics, with 10 years’ experience helping marketers achieve superior results via customer segmentation and persona-based strategies.