Display Marketing – Connecting with Customers in the Evaluate Phase


Prospects will likely visit your website during the Evaluate phase, and most are anonymous to you. Reconnect with them after they’ve expressed interest, but may not have been quite ready to engage more deeply with you. Retargeting gives you ability to present a relevant message to people who have visited your website or performed a relevant search. Create retargeting segments based on specific website pages and personalize the ad creative based on prospects’ previous interests for effective B2B display advertising.

Get specific: address the specific interests your prospects have revealed through their website visits. If they visited a page about Content Marketing Strategy, retarget them with an ad related to Content Marketing Strategy.

More engagement (even if they don’t click the ad): ZDNet tracked the number of B2B visitors exposed to a Tech Blueprint display campaign who showed further engagement. Even though many users did not click directly on the ads, the online display marketing campaigns nonetheless made an impact:

  • 140% lift in engagement with the advertiser’s content for visitors who’d been exposed to display ads.
  • Prospects were 82% more likely to download content and move along the buying journey if they had seen the display ads.

Source: “Online display advertising: Its Quantified Effect on Organic Down-Funnel Activity,” 2011, CBS Interactive Insight Series.


I’m working… really. Senior decision-makers spent 40 percent more time browsing social networks than those in lower-level positions.

Source: Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange study.

Prospects in both the Explore and Evaluate phases rely heavily on the reviews and advice from their social networks when making B2B purchasing decisions.

So, social display advertising on sites like LinkedIn helps prospects become aware of your resources as they’re in research mode.

Evaluate_display_sitetrafficEating their own dog food. Done effectively, social media advertising can drive significant results. In Bizo’s own case study, the company experienced 43% brand lift and a 77% lift in site traffic from its target audience by incorporating LinkedIn and Facebook Targeted advertising tactics in the context of its larger display and branding.
Jen Agustin BtoB Display Advertising and Marketing Expert

Expert Advisor:  Jen Agustin

Sr. Director of Marketing, Bizo / Bizo
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Jen Agustin BtoB Display Advertising and Marketing Expert

Jen Agustin

Sr. Director of Marketing, Bizo / Bizo

Jen is the senior director of marketing at Bizo, which helps B2B marketers identify and reach their target audiences online. At Bizo, Jen focuses on content marketing, product marketing, social media strategies, and also helps the company manage its own display advertising efforts.