Successfully Leveraging Email Marketing During the Evaluate Phase

IF YOU HAVE THEIR EMAIL (but don’t have a marketing automation platform)…

Do “manual B2B email marketing”– and get even fancier than you did in the Explore phase:

Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost. (Forrester Research)
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BtoB Email Marketing Best Practices Illustration

  • Micro-segment your email list by storing in a data warehouse and doing list pulls based on attributes such as:
    • Firmographic (title, industry, company size, location, etc.)
    • Demographic (primarily language and nationality)
    • Behavioral
    • CRM information these attributes.

You still may not have their email addresses – especially if you’re an SMB or in a new market.

  • So, again, rely on email list rental to let your prospects know you have materials to help them.
  • And, get those email addresses: explain to prospects that you can provide deeper, more tailored info and faster response if they provide you their profile info and email address.
Optimized landing pages and registration forms are essential for email capture. If you don’t have an email marketing automation platform, ideally your website CMS gives you the ability to build WYSIWYG pages with a graphical interface (without help from IT or the Web department).

As in Explore, the sole purpose of email content is to let prospects know you have resources related to their research needs in this stage such as clear and detailed information about your offering, customer testimonials and third-party validation. Read more about creating the right content.

Prospects expect to interact with a salesperson. Ideally you will integrate your CRM tool and your email marketing and management system to help create emails for the Sales team to deliver. For example, an email campaign to consider in this phase is as follows:

  • “Not Ready To Talk” email campaigns are created to help sales stay connected to customers that are not ready to talk but may be in the future. In these campaigns, we need to craft short, Rich Text emails that come from the sales person. They also need to be logged on the prospects record in the CRM. This will also allow sales to add people to this campaign when they say, “I’m not ready to talk,” and sales can say, “I understand. Is it OK for me to check in with you again over the next few months,” and add the prospect to a “Not Ready to Talk” campaign.

By enabling your sales team to interact with more prospects you’re helping them help your customers.

Mathew Sweezey BtoB Email Marketing & Automation Expert

Expert Advisor:  Mathew Sweezey

Manager of Marketing Research and Education, Pardot / SalesForce ExactTarget
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Mathew Sweezey BtoB Email Marketing & Automation Expert

Mathew Sweezey

Manager of Marketing Research and Education, Pardot / SalesForce ExactTarget

Matt has been fascinated with marketing for a very long time. To him, marketing and sales have always been connected.
Matt’s current work is primarily focused on researching and writing on the many topics of B2B marketing. His main focus is on Demand Generation, and Lead Nurturing. Matt currently writes for, contributes to multiple blogs, speaks at industry events, and is in the process of writing “Marketing Automation for Dummies.”
Matt’s passions for marketing don’t stop when he leaves the office. He is also the VP of Marketing for a micro brewery in Atlanta. Please feel free to reach out to Matt to talk about B2B marketing, or craft beer.