Evaluate – B2B Interactive Marketing Overview

Typical customer needs, the right content to produce and how to connect your customers with your content in the Evaluate Phase.


Prospective customers at this phase have now defined their problem and selected a general approach to solving it. Our b2b marketing strategy caters to this phase by offering unbiased information to help prospects determine the best solution for their business goals.

What they need now…

  • To narrow down their options and create a shortlist of vendors to evaluate more thoroughly
  • To compare apples to apples and weigh the pros and cons of each vendor.

What they’re thinking…

  • Less stressed. Feeling more comfortable having identified a approach to solving their problem
  • More focused. They’re ready to dig deep and research possible solutions
  • Still don’t want to be sold. They don’t want to feel pressured by hard-sell tactics.


In the Evaluate phase, prospects need to create a shortlist of vendors for deeper evaluation. The key here is to BE OBJECTIVE. This is your opportunity to build trust by explaining the strengths/weaknesses of everyone’s offerings.

Your content should help them…

  • Understand your offering
  • Understand the differences between your solution and your primary competitors

How do you do this?

  • Specific, clear and detailed information about your solution and its value

    • Videos, demos, whitepapers, product specs

  • Comparison matrixes showing strengths and weaknesses

    • Ideally commissioned by a trusted 3rd party

  • Success stories, testimonials and third-party experts to validate your claims

  • Product configurators and simulators that let prospects test drive your solution.

You can learn more about how to create the right content in the How-To Guides section.

Remember that even though prospects are now digging deeper in research, they likely aren’t ready to speak with anyone at your company. The content and tools above will help them determine that your solution will pass muster, making them more comfortable with sharing profile information with you.


Key activities that connect your prospective customers with your content in Evaluate.

Coming to You…

B2B prospects in the Evaluate phase now begin deep research on your website. You get one chance to make a first impression… so get your site right.

  • Responsive design: make your site look and perform optimally across all devices (desktop, tablets, smartphones) Learn more >
  • Custom content: Make it all about them. Their experience, even those who choose to be anonymous, should feel as if it was customized for them. How? Learn more >
  • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization): Test and refine key pages to find the messages and layout that best meets your prospects needs.

Searching for You…

  • Evaluate phase search queries are usually a mix of branded and non-branded keywords
  • Create and optimize resources that align with those keyphrases
  • Paid search is important to ensure full coverage