SEO – Successfully Leveraging Organic Search During the Experience Phase

Keyword research: As before in your foundation SEO phase, you will have identified the top keywords and key phrases that each persona is using to search in this phase. You can read more about this in the How-To Guide: Know Your Customers.


In the Experience phase, prospects typically want technical assistance and best practices help.

  • Answers to detailed questions on the product implementation and use

    • Example search query: “installing acme LCD lights in drop ceiling”

  • Additional services or product extensions

    • Example search query: “replacement bulbs for acme lights”

  • To hear from other customers

    • Example search query: “acme support forum”

BE FOUND: Optimize your resources to help your prospects find them in search results.* We’ve listed some great guides on our Resources page.

Common keywords indicating that customers are in the experience phase include:

  • Help, customer service, support, forums, replacement, updates, etc.

You’ll also have indicator words specific to your category such as ‘software drivers’.

Experience keyphrases are typically branded and product specific keywords with a mix of head and longtail.

  • Example of head terms: acme model-V installation

  • Example of longtail: help installing acme lcd model-V lights in drop ceiling

Attribution Analytics:  Advanced tools can help give visibility to multi-channel attribution and company-wide behavior patterns for specific activities like search and social. This allows you to identify keywords and phrases that correlate with customers that buy. Read more >

*NOTE: BtoBeacon highlights things that change per phase or are unique to a given phase. We also highlight recent major high-level developments that all marketers need to know. This site does not try be a comprehensive practitioner’s guide to executing robust programs. But many best practices don’t vary phase and are not included here. So, here are the best guides that we’ve found for optimizing each activity.

Seth Dotterer BtoB SEO and Organic Search Expert

Expert Advisor:  Seth Dotterer

Vice President, Marketing and Product at Conductor, Inc. / Conductor
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Seth Dotterer BtoB SEO and Organic Search Expert

Seth Dotterer

Vice President, Marketing and Product at Conductor, Inc. / Conductor

Seth Dotterer leads the marketing and product teams at Conductor, responsible for branding and communications, marketing strategy, demand generation and strategic product positioning of Conductor’s SaaS SEO platform, Searchlight. Dotterer guides the highly talented Conductor team to establish product roadmap and manage its successful execution. With over 15 years of online marketing experience, Dotterer has worked with both startups and the Fortune 100 to develop effective marketing strategies and to utilize technology and metrics to increase sales and profitability.

Prior to joining Conductor, Dotterer worked for consumer electronics manufacturer, Turtle Beach, in a variety of product and marketing roles. As head of Marketing, Dotterer managed the successful market placement and deployment for over 80 products in 11 product segments.

Dotterer is the co-organizer of the 1,400+ member SEMPO NY (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization) Meetup group. He graduated from Franklin and Marshall College with a degree in political science