Experience Overview: Implementing Solutions

Typical customer needs, the right content to produce and how to connect your customers with your content for highly interactive marketing in the Experience Phase.


Your prospect has bought your product. Great news, but hold off on the victory dance. Your job isn’t done yet. This is simply the beginning of another loop in the B2B marketing strategy.

Outdated marketing funnel models end here, but in reality your customers needs don’t end after the purchase. Their reputation—and possibly their job—relies on a smooth implementation of your solution.

BtoB Interactive Marketing Campaigns Avoid Outdated Funnel ModelWhat they need now…

  • Help with set up – correctly implementing your solution
  • Help with adoption – having people in their company take full advantage of your solution.

What they’re thinking…

At first…

  • Did they make the right decision? Let’s face it; it’s their neck on the line if the solution they choose doesn’t fit the bill (does sales hype=reality).
  • Be implemented correctly? Buying the solution is just the start; looking for signs that your company has their back (continued product support).

Over time…

Happy they made the right choice

Willing to give you props to other prospects as well as support to other customers

Trusting of your company for future purchases


In the Experience phase, customers are looking for guidance and advice on how to best use your product.

The right content to meet their needs is:

  • Best practices and advice on implementation and use

    • Resources to help them succeed with your product or service customer forums, instructional videos, blogs, etc)

  • Product extensions or related products they may want to consider

    • Your approach on these should match the overall CBJ approach – don’t be pushy!

  • Reassurance that they made the right choice

    • Giving them the ability to interact with and learn from other customers

    • Customer testimonials and third-party validation

You can learn more about how to create the right content in the How-To Guides section.


Key activities to connect customers with content in Experience.

Make it easy for new customers to engage with existing customers for advice on using your product:

  • Direct them to a users’ community on your site
  • Encourage them to participate in industry communities and blogs.

Customers will also likely be interacting with your customer service group. This could be via traditional methods like phone, but increasingly this interaction is taking place digitally via chat, forums or users’ community. They’ll expect and appreciate when you proactively offer advice and best practices guidance.

Get Personal

B2B sales thrive on repeat business, so focus on relationship marketing to increase future purchases, drive sales growth, and maintain customer loyalty and advocacy.  Time to think small; focus on one-to-one marketing, not on campaigns.

Best-case scenario: your customers relax, become more familiar and comfortable with your product or service and start espousing its greatness, attracting new customers and providing support to existing customers. By supporting customers through any possible moments of anxiety that arise during implementation, your B2B internet marketing efforts may begin to grow on their own.

Many companies aren’t doing enough. According to a survey by Loyalty 360 and SAS, while nearly half of surveyed B2B marketers say at least 60% of their new sales come from existing customers, only half (55.4%) say their companies have departments that focus on customer retention.

Look Back and Learn

Accurate Cross-Channel Attribution: Fully understand the complex Company Buying Journey of your customers by setting up an attribution model within your analytics approach.

  • Give credit, to whatever extent is appropriate, to both the assist activities and the ultimate conversion-to-revenue activities.

By doing so, you can continually monitor and optimize your marketing activities to better meet your prospects and customers needs.