PPC Management- Successfully Leveraging Paid Search During the Experience Phase


Customers looking for help with your product will often turn to a search engine instead of your web site.

Make sure that customers can easily find the right information:

  • Run paid search ads for every product or service you sell.
  • Use specific product names and numbers
  • Link the ads to the product page or appropriate support page on your site.

This will also help when customers are searching for related products.

Much of the Experience phase searching will be on your site


Optimize your future B2B Paid Search campaigns by using the data collected from all of your customers’ journeys to see how and where Paid Search played a role. For example, what were prospects searching for and what ads did they click on at different phases. Step back, evaluate all the things that led to a purchase and identify behaviors worth segmenting in your Paid Search campaign. This is also the time to develop and refine algorithmic solutions based upon the signals that define keyword performance.

Algorithmic optimization ensures that you’re not over or underpaying for valuable keyword queries. No keyword bid should not be without strong historical data that vets the value of the query in the larger customer journey. With enough data in hand, you can start morphing the entire bid strategy towards an algorithm that is data driven.

Josh Dreller BtoB Paid Search Engine Marketing Expert

Expert Advisor:  Josh Dreller

Director, Marketing Research at Kenshoo / Kenshoo
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Josh Dreller BtoB Paid Search Engine Marketing Expert

Josh Dreller

Director, Marketing Research at Kenshoo / Kenshoo

As Director of Marketing Research for Kenshoo, I sift through massive data sets across search, social, and online advertising to uncover trends and best practices. I have a strong passion for this industry and am very proud to be a long-time member of the Standards Committee for the Digital Analytics Association, which works to provide standard definitions and promote consistency of the most widely used terms across the analytics industry. I also enjoy writing, and contribute regularly to iMedia Connection and SearchEngineLand.com.

Prior to Kenshoo, I spent many years working on the Web in various positions at Fuor Digital, Visual IQ, and Resolution Media. I’m a graduate of Florida State University, with a B.F.A. in Motion Pictures, Television, and Recording Arts. I’m also a member of MENSA.