Display Marketing – Connecting with Customers in the Explore Phase


Display advertising is well suited to the Explore phase in that it allows you to identify and reach the largest number of prospects that need your help.

In the Explore phase, prospects prefer to research on 3rd-party sites rather than vendor websites.

Distribute your Content: Non-traditional types of display ads can ‘syndicate’ your content off of your site and have it appear on these 3rd-party sites rather than requiring prospects to visit your site.
But be Careful: Danger of advertorials given Google algorithm update and how to do it right.
B2B Online Display Advertising & Marketing

Especially the Clueless: Online display marketing uniquely supports the needs of prospects that aren’t even aware that a potential solution to their problem exists. Display advertising allows you to reach out to with them during their daily routine and let them know that you have resources to help them.

Basic: Identify based on attributes such as:

  • Title, industry, geography or job function

Advanced: methods include using:

  • Known and learned behavior, business demographic data and customer persona profiling.
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New technique: company-based targeting allows you to:

  • Target particular companies or accounts.

Get to the right people. Targeting example: a company specializing in payroll software can choose to target its ads only to business professionals with a job function of Finance.
Target Prospects - B2B Online Display Advertising

Company-based targeting enables marketers to display ads to their key accounts. Show display ads or content that is relevant to an entire target account but be sure to combine your display marketing strategy with more focused business demographic targeting to precisely reach the right people involved in the buying journey. Read More >

The primary purpose of B2B display advertising in this phase is to let prospects know you have resources related to their research needs.

  • Resources that help solve a customer’s problem build trust and credibility. Talk about the solution rather than product features or branding statements. You’re building a relationship, or at least awareness, with the B2B customer. Read more about creating the right content.


Jen Agustin BtoB Display Advertising and Marketing Expert

Expert Advisor:  Jen Agustin

Sr. Director of Marketing, Bizo / Bizo
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Jen Agustin BtoB Display Advertising and Marketing Expert

Jen Agustin

Sr. Director of Marketing, Bizo / Bizo

Jen is the senior director of marketing at Bizo, which helps B2B marketers identify and reach their target audiences online. At Bizo, Jen focuses on content marketing, product marketing, social media strategies, and also helps the company manage its own display advertising efforts.