Successfully Leveraging Paid Search During the Purchase Phase


Segmentation – You’ll now have enough data from Explore, Evaluate and Purchase to improve segmentation. You can read more in the How-To Guide Get Data Right.

In the Purchase phase, prospects are now more specific in their searches. For example, they may want detailed information on your product or how to connect with you in person.

So, your Paid Search campaign should be more granular and more branded. Refine your segmentation to better align your campaigns, ad copy, keywords, landing pages and content with prospect needs in the Purchase phase. Prospects are now familiar with comfortable using your branded terms to search.

Use both customer data and your goals to optimize ad copy

  • First, clearly define your search engine marketing goals
  • Then, look at search query data to understand how prospects are researching
  • Then optimize your ad copy to directly answer their questions or terms
  • For example:
    • Marketing Goal: Increase sales of ‘large batch’ lighting fixture packs for large facilities
    • Situation: People clicking on your ads are looking to order one or two fixtures
    • The data shows: Purchase phase prospects are using the keyphrase “by the pallet”
    • Optimize: You change the copy on your paid search ad to include “by the pallet” and you’ve qualified visitors to those buying in large quantities.
Josh Dreller BtoB Paid Search Engine Marketing Expert

Expert Advisor:  Josh Dreller

Director, Marketing Research at Kenshoo / Kenshoo
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Josh Dreller BtoB Paid Search Engine Marketing Expert

Josh Dreller

Director, Marketing Research at Kenshoo / Kenshoo

As Director of Marketing Research for Kenshoo, I sift through massive data sets across search, social, and online advertising to uncover trends and best practices. I have a strong passion for this industry and am very proud to be a long-time member of the Standards Committee for the Digital Analytics Association, which works to provide standard definitions and promote consistency of the most widely used terms across the analytics industry. I also enjoy writing, and contribute regularly to iMedia Connection and

Prior to Kenshoo, I spent many years working on the Web in various positions at Fuor Digital, Visual IQ, and Resolution Media. I’m a graduate of Florida State University, with a B.F.A. in Motion Pictures, Television, and Recording Arts. I’m also a member of MENSA.