How-To: Get Your House in Order

“The companies that I see getting this right make thought leadership behavior and activity a requirement across the firm, not just marketing.”
-Laura Ramos, Forrester, VP, Principal Analyst Serving CMO Professionals
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BtoB Strategic Planning for Online Digital Marketing

Get Operationalized

Here are the key steps to get operationally able to execute getting data right, knowing your customers and defining and executing your Digital Connect / Marketing Plan.

Assess Your Situation

There are plenty of self-assessment tools out there, but we recommend bringing in a qualified third-party to do this properly.

Find a consultant or agency that has broad exposure and experience with many B2B companies similar to yours who can be objective about your situation and benchmark you with your peers.

Key elements and resources for assessing and bringing your BtoB Digital Marketing operations to be world-class are:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Data & Analysis
    • Resources: coming soon
  • Customer Understanding
    • Unless you’re the CMO, you may not control all of the elements that are key to enabling TRUE customer-centricity:
      • Executive Sponsor
      • Budget
      • Cross-functional champions, especially IT
      • Incentivized Goals
      • Staff, Skills & Organization
      • Sufficient Marketing Operations support
        • Resources: coming soon
    • Product Marketing
      • Resources: coming soon
    • Content Development
    • Management, Internal Teams and Agencies
      • Resources: coming soon
    • Technology Infrastructure
      • Resources: coming soon
    • Program Execution
      • Resources: coming soon
    • Sales Enablement & Support
      • Resources: coming soon