Liz’s Insights:

  • Customers are king. They are at the center of every single one of our processes. We have shifted from a product base economy into a content base economy because customers are looking for richer experiences similarly what they are looking for in the B2C marketplace.
  • The reality is we are moving in this age of intelligence. So we are beginning to realize key points of data where we can turn into intelligence. A shift we are starting to see is the relationship from the CMO and the CIO bond together.
  • Important in the year to come is how is our customer engaging with our content online? Do they value what we are putting out there? Do they value other pieces of content out there?
  • Brands need to do a content assessment; understand what content is performing, how people are engaging, where people are engaging. Chances are more people are valuing content that they are finding from 3rd party independent sources than they are from your website.
  • If you are not thinking about content and how that tracks to the buying journey. If you don’t understand how those two things interconnect you probably are not going to be around in 24 months.