Matt’s Insights:

  • What you are seeing today is customers will interact with your brand in one-way or another. They will come in multiple ways; your website, through google search, interact with your call centers through the phone or by live chat, interact with you through social media, etc. As a brand, it is to have the customer experience be authentic and consistent across all interactions.
  • The skill makeup of a marketing function – you continue to need the creative minds of the organization (big band thinking) married with the science of marketing of analysis and analytical thinking.
  • Move from a data discussion to insight discussion. Then from an insight discussion to what type of actions can we take that drive real impact, business results.
  • The company buying journey – The notion of the marketing funnel which was introduced 1880’s is old.  What we are seeing today from a marketing and buying behavior perspective we do not interact particular in the digital space in a linear fashion. We go up, we go down, we go backward, we go forward.  What is required is to understand every person, every decision-maker as an individual. It’s moving from brand activation to customer activation first. What is the mindset of those individuals as they move through the journey and market to that as opposed to what we want them to know about us.
  • Your marketing needs to be much more precise and move to a one-to-one and not to a segment or to a company.
  • The rate and pace of what is expected for B2B Marketers is only going to increase so unless you embrace digital interactions your competition will.