Michael’s Insights

  • At SAP, we are trying to move away from helping our sales people sell to helping our buyers buy. We are looking at conversion rate – not just the kind of content or assets we produced but things that are being used and kind of things that are getting used that are then driving conversion for our customers.
  • It is up to us as marketers to get out and be on the forefront of educating early before we bring them into a sale conversation
  • Buyers are expecting more from us early. Also, they are expecting value in each stage of the buying cycle.
  • When developing a strategic roadmap, focus on delivering content that customer is actually going to read (have an editorial mindset) and deliver on the pace of change that customers are requiring fast enough.
  • Have a Transformation agenda that includes here is where we want to be, here are the steps to get there, and here are the stages.