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Thinking Beyond Just Generating Leads

Highlight with Courtland Smith, Demand Generation Director for OpenDNS

Courtland Smith, Director for Demand Generation at OpenDNS, stresses how critical it is to measure beyond just leads and rather focus on the buying behavior of various contacts within the same targeted firm. Touching on the emergence of account-based marketing, Courtland underscores how the major difference between B2B and B2C marketing is that with B2C you’re marketing to different people in different segments, but they’re not interacting with each other. Whereas with B2B, you’re involved in interconnectedness among contacts at the same company.

Watch Courtland’s Full Interview (Analytics in the Age of B2B Account-based Marketing)

  • Courtland Smith – Director, Demand Generation for OpenDNS
  • Thad Kahlow – CEO, BusinessOnline (host)

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Watch the Full Interview:


Analytics in the Age of B2B Account-based Marketing
(OpenDNS, Director Demand Generation)

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