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Why Is Account-Based Marketing Right for B2B?

with Chris Golec, CEO of DemandBase (full interview)

Join Chris Golec, CEO of DemandBase and Thad Kahlow, CEO of BusinessOnline, as they explore the tenets of account-based marketing and its emergence as a winning strategy for B2B marketers. Account-based marketing can leverage technology to sift away all the ‘clicks’ you get from businesses who’ll never buy, and hone in on just visitors from specific organizations on your target list, and managing a positive communication cycle with multiple contacts within the same prospective company.

Chris shares his unique insight into the superior efficiency of account-based marketing against for traditional B2B methods, who today is successfully adopting account-based frameworks and tactics, and how all this extends to digital display marketing.

  • Chris Golec – CEO, DemandBase
  • Thad Kahlow – CEO, BusinessOnline (host)

Video Highlights:


Fundamentals of B2B Account-Based Marketing


The Efficiency of Account-Based Marketing


Optimizing Account-based Display Marketing for Paid Search

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