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Feed the Content for Self-Educating Buyers

with Virginie Glaenzer, EVP of Marketing at Great Eastern Energy (full interview)

Across all industries old and new, the rise in self-educating customers necessitates that marketers produce the content that quench their thirst for knowledge. As explained by EVP of Marketing at Great Eastern Energy, Virginie Glaenzer, if this content is highly relevant and deemed very valuable by customers, then it will foster trust and bend these customers towards your brand. In this B2Beacon Leader Series interview, Virginie shares her insights on catering to self-evaluating customers, and the urgent need for marketers to become more agile and entrepreneurial.

  • Virginie Glaenzer – EVP of Marketing, Great Eastern Energy
  • Thad Kahlow – CEO, BusinessOnline (host)

Video Highlights:


Marketers Need to be Agile and Entrepreneurial


Value-based Consumption is Happening Now

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C-Suite Network Conference 2014
C-Suite Network Conference 2014
November 16-18, 2014