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Marketers Need to be Agile and Entrepreneurial

with Virginie Glaenzer, Great Eastern Energy EVP Marketing

Virginie Glaenzer shares with B2Beacon, the ever-increasing flow of marketing data enables marketers to be much more agile and respond in real time to what resonates with customers and what doesn’t. As EVP of Marketing for Great Eastern Energy, Virginie knows first-hand that marketers need a very entrepreneurial mindset, always looking to be more adept and agile to respond immediately to campaign successes and failures.

Watch Virginie’s Full Interview (Feed the Content for Self-Educating Buyers).

  • Virginie Glaenzer – EVP Marketing, Great Eastern Energy
  • Thad Kahlow – CEO, BusinessOnline (host)

Additional Video Highlights from Virginie Glaenzer:


Value-based Consumption is Happening Now

Watch the Full Interview:


Feed the Content for Self-Educating Buyers
(Great Eastern Energy EVP)

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C-Suite Network Conference 2014
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