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The Mindset of the Challenger Methodology

with Jeff Lowe, VP Corporate Marketing at SMART Technologies (full interview)

There’s no denying that customers are for more self-educated and travel quite far in the buyers journey before direct contact, so it pays to feed content that is ultra-relevant to their quest for knowledge, and ultimately leads them to your brand via a layer of trust over time. Jeff Lowe, the VP Corporate Marketing at SMART Technologies shares his insights with B2Beacon on the progression of communication past ‘solution selling’ and instead adopting the ‘challenger methodology’–proactively striving to teach prospects something new about their own company or industry of extremely high value, raising awareness of an unseen problem or pain point.

This edition of B2Beacon’s Leader Series highlights Jeff’s experience with adapting his own marketing approach to cater to the buying journey of his niche industry, endeavoring to revolutionize a decades old communications tool.

  • Jeff Lowe – VP Corporate Marketing at SMART Technologies
  • Thad Kahlow – CEO, BusinessOnline (host)

Video Highlights:


Revolutionizing Brainstorming and Team Collaboration


Challenger Methodology: The Third Age of B2B Marketing


Teaching Prospects Something New about Their Business Builds Trust

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C-Suite Network Conference 2014
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