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Revolutionizing Brainstorming and Team Collaboration

with Jeff Lowe, SMART Technologies VP Corporate Marketing

There’s been a rapid evolution in the many ways we communicate with one another in the past few decades. But amazingly, a few communication tools have remained stuck in time, unchanged for 40-50 years, somehow immune from being improved or re-imagined. Jeff Lowe, VP Corporate Marketing at SMART Technologies, shares with B2Beacon the launch of a wholly unique way to collaborate, preserve, and share brainstorming sessions, team meetings and presentations in this age of the digital transformation for many organizations.

Watch Jeff’s Full Interview (The Mindset of the Challenger Methodology).

  • Jeff Lowe – VP Corporate Marketing, SMART Technologies
  • Thad Kahlow – CEO, BusinessOnline (host)

Additional Video Highlights from Jeff Lowe:


Challenger Methodology: The Third Age of B2B Marketing


Teaching Prospects Something New about Their Business Builds Trust

Watch the Full Interview:


The Mindset of the Challenger Methodology
(SMART Technologies VP Marketing)

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C-Suite Network Conference 2014
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