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The Role of Marketing is Never Done

with Scott Bloomfield, Xactly CMO (full interview)

Marketing continues to expand its role in all stages of the customer buying journey, from availing the perfect content for self-educating early prospects, delivering well-qualified leads for Sales teams to close, and (most importantly) cultivating a steady relationship post-sale to further brand affinity, trust, and life-time value. B2Beacon asked the CMO of Xactly, Scott Bloomfield to share his insights on the ever-growing influence of marketing as organizations undertake digital transformations.

Scott stresses how firms must evolve their own perceptions of marketing and its ongoing role as a conduit for customer conversations and fueling the buying journey.

  • Scott Bloomfield – CMO, Xactly
  • Thad Kahlow – CEO, BusinessOnline (host)

Video Highlights:


Marketing’s Role Extends to All Points of the Buying Journey

ldrs-marketing-elevate-product -development-thmb

Marketing Insights Can Elevate Product Development Too


Love Your Customers After the Sale to Really Boost Trust


Make Marketing 100% Accountable for Teeing Up Qualified Leads for Sales

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