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Marketing’s Role Extends to All Points of the Buying Journey

with Scott Bloomfield, Xactly CMO (full interview)

The adoption of account-based marketing is a direct reaction to the growing reality the customers are now self-educating and often near decision before first contact with a Sales representative. Scott Bloomfield, CMO of Xactly, shares with B2Beacon his experience with the evolving buying journey, and marketing’s influence from the first touch all the way to post-sale relationship nurturing.

As Scott points out in this interview highlight, marketers can no longer serve one-size-fits-all campaigns, but raise their game by orchestrating multiple campaigns for different audience segments and stages in the buying journey. Watch Scott’s Full Interview (The Role of Marketing is Never Done).

  • Scott Bloomfield – CMO, Xactly
  • Thad Kahlow – CEO, BusinessOnline (host)

Additional Video Highlights from Scott Bloomfield:

ldrs-marketing-elevate-product -development-thmb

Marketing Insights Can Elevate Product Development Too


Love Your Customers After the Sale to Really Boost Trust


Make Marketing 100% Accountable for Teeing Up Qualified Leads for Sales

Watch the Full Interview:


The Role of Marketing is Never Done
(Xactly CMO)

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