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Great Example of Giving Away Knowledge to Foster Trust

with Craig Coffey, Lincoln Electric Marketing Communications Manager

It can be difficult for B2B companies to adapt to the rapid change in which customers self-educate and make buying decisions online. Listen to Craig Coffey, Marketing Communications Manager for Lincoln Electric, explain how his firm is in the midst of this digital transformation, and discuss his success story of giving away free education to audiences as a means of fostering trust and brand affinity.

This highlight is part of a B2Beacon Leader Series interview with Craig on the challenges companies face in morphing their core structure for the digital marketplace.

Watch Craig’s Full Interview (Stories of a B2B Digital Marketing Transformation)

  • Craig Coffey – Marketing Communications Manager, Lincoln Electric
  • Thad Kahlow – CEO, BusinessOnline (host)

Video Highlights:


Winning Videos are Short, Authentic, and Valuable


Unifying Communication & Goals of Marketing, IT, and Sales


Internal Perceptions of Marketing Dept. Must Evolve


Getting Executive Buy-in for Marketing Automation

Watch the Full Interview:


Stories of a B2B Digital Marketing Transformation
(Lincoln Electric Marketing Mgr.)

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