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Marketers Taking Command of the Buying Journey and Impacting Revenue

with Heidi Lorenzen, Cloudwords CMO (full interview)

Marketers are expanding their role in guiding customers (old and new) through the continuous buying journey, all the way to final sale and beyond. This growing reality, coupled with deeper, closed-loop data, now arm marketers to claim direct ownership of impacting company revenue. The evolution of marketing’s leadership and responsibility is often born from organizations undergoing their own digital transformation and embracing the new world of the customer buying journey.

In this exclusive B2Beacon Leader Series interview, the CMO of Cloudwords, Heidi Lorenzen, shares her insights and experiences on how marketers now dictate customer influence and interactions at all stages of the buying journey, and celebrating the trackable contribution marketing has on total revenue.

  • Heidi Lorenzen – CMO, Cloudwords
  • Thad Kahlow – CEO, BusinessOnline (host)

Video Highlights:


Marketers Taking Lead on Revenue Growth, Tech, and the Buying Journey


B2B Marketers are Getting Their Swagger Back


Maximizing Value Takes Hard Work, and External Experts

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C-Suite Network Conference 2014
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