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Get the Basics Right with Big Data

with Rishi Dave, CMO for Dun and Bradstreet

Mastering technology is increasingly important for B2B marketers, and there’s a lot of talk about embracing an agile methodology to marketing. Watch the CMO of D&B, Rishi Dave, share his insights on adopting technology, the right mix of tools & providers, and ensuring you master all the basics of data and analytics before diving into highly complex analysis.

Watch Rishi’s Full Interview (Using Big Data to Fuel the Customer Buying Journey)

  • Rishi Dave – CMO, Dun and Bradstreet
  • Thad Kahlow – CEO, BusinessOnline (host)

Additional Video Highlights from Rishi Dave:


Nurturing the Customer Buying Journey with Data


Data That Really Matters to CMOs


Leveraging Data for Better Customer Insights

Watch the Full Interview:


Using Big Data to Fuel the Customer Buying Journey

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