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Mastering Customer Engagements & Organizational Evolution

with Karen Hsu, SugarCRM VP of Product Marketing (full interview)

The digital transformation of a company can bring amazing customer insight and wonderful ROI, but the process can be daunting and often-times painful. B2Beacon caught up with Karen Hsu, VP of Product Marketing at SugarCRM, sharing details about the organizational evolution in process, tremendous customer data it provides, and how their collaboration of Marketing and Sales teams, armed with this data, can master engagements along the customer buying journey.

Karen also describes how they have successfully evolved their content marketing practices, optimizing messaging and material for individual audience segments and industries.

  • Karen Hsu – VP of Product Marketing, SugarCRM
  • Richard Roberts – SVP, Sales & Marketing, BusinessOnline (host)

Video Highlights:


Empowering Your Firm to Master All Customer Engagements


Collaboration by Sales and Marketing to Nurture Leads


Insight to Success with Content Marketing


Analyze Your Best Customers and Marry Sales & Marketing

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