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Analyze Your Best Customers and Marry Sales & Marketing

with Karen Hsu, SugarCRM VP of Product Marketing

B2B marketers about to embark on a digital transformation of their firm should heed the advice of Karen Hsu, VP of Product Marketing at SugarCRM, as she advises deeply analyzing your customers (especially the best ones!) and find a way to marry yourself with the Sales team to master customer touch-points, and jointly nurture leads along the buying journey.

Watch Karen’s Full Interview (Mastering Customer Engagements & Organizational Evolution)

  • Karen Hsu – VP of Product Marketing, SugarCRM
  • Richard Roberts – SVP, Sales & Marketing, BusinessOnline (host)

Video Highlights:


Empowering Your Firm to Master All Customer Engagements


Collaboration by Sales and Marketing to Nurture Leads


Insight to Success with Content Marketing

Watch the Full Interview:


Mastering Customer Engagements & Organizational Evolution
(SugarCRM VP)

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