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Empowering Your Firm to Master All Customer Engagements

with Karen Hsu, SugarCRM VP of Product Marketing

Catch SugarCRM VP Karen Hsu as she shares how empowering it can be to truly master all your customer touch-points as opposed to focusing on the management of your own Sales staff. Through robust customer data and analysis, her firm has discovered and embraced key aspects of the customer buying journey. This has enriched customer engagement, as well as identified areas for improvement.

This highlight is taken from B2Beacon’s interview with Karen about key lessons in fostering the customer buying journey through data and digital marketing transformation.

Watch Karen’s Full Interview (Mastering Customer Engagements & Organizational Evolution)

  • Karen Hsu – VP of Product Marketing, SugarCRM
  • Richard Roberts – SVP, Sales & Marketing, BusinessOnline (host)

Video Highlights:


Collaboration by Sales and Marketing to Nurture Leads


Insight to Success with Content Marketing


Analyze Your Best Customers and Marry Sales & Marketing

Watch the Full Interview:


Mastering Customer Engagements & Organizational Evolution
(SugarCRM VP)

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