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Insight to Success with Content Marketing

with Karen Hsu, SugarCRM VP of Product Marketing

In content marketing, knowing what to produce that resonates with customers can actually be as challenging as the ‘how’ to get it created and published. B2Beacon talks with SugarCRM VP of Product Marketing, Karen Hsu, about the data and criteria that guide what content they produce for different target audiences and industries, as well as how they leverage their partner community to ‘crowdsource’ the ideation and production of the content material.

Watch Karen’s Full Interview (Mastering Customer Engagements & Organizational Evolution)

  • Karen Hsu – VP of Product Marketing, SugarCRM
  • Richard Roberts – SVP, Sales & Marketing, BusinessOnline (host)

Video Highlights:


Empowering Your Firm to Master All Customer Engagements


Collaboration by Sales and Marketing to Nurture Leads


Analyze Your Best Customers and Marry Sales & Marketing

Watch the Full Interview:


Mastering Customer Engagements & Organizational Evolution
(SugarCRM VP)

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