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To Adapt to Self-Educating Customers, Deliver the Content They Desire Most

with Lorna Breault-Snyder, Director of Customer Education at Schneider Electric (full interview)

Customers are more and more self-educating, often doing ample research well before first direct contact (and consuming a great deal on content along their journey). Lorna Breault-Snyder, Director at Schneider Electric, advises that the trick is to cater creation and delivery of high-value content to exactly what the customers want, constantly feeding their evolving appetite with just the right content pieces at the right times.

In this exclusive B2Beacon Leader Series interview, Lorna also shares insight about the best content marketing KPIs and specific learnings about the evolving preferences of customers for varying types of content.

  • Lorna Breault-Snyder – Schneider Electric Director of Customer Education Development
  • Thad Kahlow – CEO, BusinessOnline (host)

Video Highlights:


Customers Tell YOU What Content They Want


Responding to What Customers Really Desire Pays Off


Snack-size Content is Good, But Customers Also Want In-depth Videos Too


Understanding Content Consumption Through Data

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