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Predictions on Social’s Growth in the B2B Space

with Michael Idinopulos, PeopleLinx CMO

Michael Idinopulos, CMO at PeopleLinx, shares his predictions for the ever-growing influence social will have in the B2B space. Social media can arm salespeople with a way to nurture relationships and keep them warm, and make those in-person interactions that much more meaningful. Social is about 1-on-1 relationships, having meaningful interactions, which is exactly what B2B selling is all about.

Watch Michael’s Full Interview (The Emergence of Social Selling)

  • Michael Idinopulos – CMO, PeopleLinx
  • Thad Kahlow – CEO, BusinessOnline (host)

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Watch the Full Interview:


The Emergence of Social Selling
(PeopleLinx CMO)

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