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Healthy Debate on Having a Unified Message in Social Media

Highlight with Diane Pease, Cisco’s Inbound Marketing Manager

B2Beacon host Thad Kahlow challenges Diane Pease, Inbound Marketing Manager for Cisco, at the notion of complete normalization of one’s message across all social media platforms vs. a more customized approach to suit the audience and relationships in each separate social venue. Though it requires more corporate devotion and coordination, both parties agree that crafting slightly nuanced messages for each social network, tailored to the audience and nature of each venue, is a superior strategy.

Watch Diane’s Full Interview (Social Media Growing Pains for Large Enterprises)

  • Diane Pease – Inbound Marketing Manager, Cisco
  • Thad Kahlow – CEO, BusinessOnline (host)

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Watch the Full Interview:


Social Media Growing Pains for Cisco
(Cisco’s Marketing Manager)

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