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Measure B2B Marketers On These Four Things

Highlight with Jeff Hayzlett, Bloomberg TV Host

Jeffrey Hayzlett, host of hit show “C Suite” on Bloomberg TV and former Kodak CMO, believes that B2B Marketers have to stop just developing “pretty campaigns” and start measuring tangible results. Mr. Hayzlett emphasized that B2B Marketers must make the connection between their program investments and the revenue and margin for the business that they drive.

Here, he discusses how B2B Marketers can prove their value.

Watch Jeff’s Full Interview (Measuring B2B Marketing Effectiveness for CMOs)

  • Jeff Hayzlett – Host & CEO, “C Suite” on Bloomberg TV and former Kodak CMO
  • Thad Kahlow – CEO, BusinessOnline (host)

Additional Video Highlights from Bloomberg TV Host:


Take a Risk… No One is Going to Die (1:25)


Two Key Skills of Modern B2B Marketer (1:18)

Watch the Full Interview:


Measuring B2B Marketing Effectiveness for CMOs
(Bloomberg TV Host)

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