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Are B2B Marketers Under-Appreciated?

Highlight with a Panel of B2B Marketing Leaders

Three B2B Marketing leaders offer different opinions on whether B2B Marketers are under appreciated – who do you think is right?

The panel of experts also discuss the right approach for Sales and Marketing alignment and why this is the most exciting time ever to be in Marketing.

Watch the Full Interview (The Right Recipe for a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy)

  • Matt Preschern SVP and Enterprise CMO, Windstream Communications
  • Laurent Michoud, Head of Global Marketing, Ingredion
  • Ian Heller, VP of Marketing & eBusiness, HD Supply, Construction & Industrial (White Cap)
  • Thad Kahlow – CEO, BusinessOnline (host)

Additional Video Highlights from B2B Marketing Leaders:


The Age of Customer Knowledge… Scary or Exciting? (5:16)

Watch the Full Interview:


The Right Recipe for a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy
(B2B Leaders Panel)

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