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The Age of Customer Knowledge… Scary or Exciting?

Highlight with a Panel of B2B Marketing Leaders

With customers being more knowledgeable about brands, products and companies than ever before, do you believe there is more opportunity as well?

Listen to three top marketers describe the biggest shifts in the buying behavior that they have seen from a marketers perspective.

Watch the Full Interview (The Right Recipe for a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy)

  • Matt Preschern SVP and Enterprise CMO, Windstream Communications
  • Laurent Michoud, Head of Global Marketing, Ingredion
  • Ian Heller, VP of Marketing & eBusiness, HD Supply, Construction & Industrial (White Cap)
  • Thad Kahlow – CEO, BusinessOnline (host)

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Watch the Full Interview:


The Right Recipe for a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy
(B2B Leaders Panel)

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