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Insights on the Crossroads of Marketing Technology and Digital

with Brian Goffman, Former LinkedIn Exec (full interview)

Catch insights from former LinkedIn executive, Brian Goffman, on the evolution of B2B mobile marketing, plus recent advances in contextual advertising and hyper-local targeting. Now a venture partner at TCV Ventures, Brian shares his unique B2B marketing experience, and tips on how best to leverage data for better marketing. Technology breakthroughs in marketing automation and closed loop tracking from introduce many more possibilities for B2B marketers, but also raises the expectations to deliver true ROI on your marketing investments.

B2Beacon host Thad Kahlow, CEO of BusinessOnline, explores key topics with Brian, such as what is the right data to focus on, and how best to farm customer feedback data.

  • Brian Goffman – Former LinkedIn Exec and current Venture Capitalist
  • Thad Kahlow – CEO, BusinessOnline (host)

Video Highlights:


Evolution of Mobile Marketing & What Really Works


Easier Roadmap for Taking a Business Global


Getting Data Right…Think Like Your Boss!


Farming Customer Feedback Data for Better Marketing

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