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Your go-to area for the explanatory online and digital marketing e-books, thought-leading whitepapers, and planning tools that will help you build stronger customer relationships and improve performance. And we’re just getting started – much more to come.

Whitepaper: Data-driven B2B Lead Generation
Create a data-driven lead generation approach that delivers revenue.

eBook: Company Buying Journey
Get the full CBJ in a free PDF version.

Whitepaper: Closing the Loop 
Connect digital marketing data and offline sales data to get true ROI with this flexible approach to Customer Intelligence that won’t bust your budget.

The Best Guides Out There
The best guides we’ve found for optimizing each activity.


Coming Soon:

B2Beacon Planning and Forecasting Tool
You will be notified when this is available.
Pre-populated with:

  • Benchmark conversion figures for each channel in each phase
  • Detailed recommendations for ‘first 90 days’ to bring key programs up to best practice
  • Annual plan highlighting activities for all programs
  • Based on input from the entire B2Beacon Council and on BusinessOnline’s real-world success with dozens of major B2B clients.

This framework gives a full picture of a digital marketing plan – highlighting the key things to do and the expected results for each. It’s a playbook that will apply to most B2B companies right out of the box.”
-Rich Roberts, SVP, BusinessOnline